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Aims to promote performance and recovery of the athlete. Localized tensions are worked on, muscles and articulations are prepared and warmed up to help injury prevention. Due to the increased blood flow, muscle oxgenation and reactivity are boosted.

30 MIN     KR 150.00


Targeted massage. Optimizes recovery through soft massage techniques and stretching to aid against cramping and muscle soreness. Muscle flexibility is regained, joints are relieved while releasing the psychic tension of the athlete.

30 MIN     KR 150.00

    1 HR       KR 200.00


Tailor made massage and stretching routine based on the athletes sport choice and physical pre dispositions. This massage helps the body adapt and recuperate from the physical stress of training, while handling emotional tension preparation can bring.

       1 HR           KR 200.00

1 HR 30 MIN     KR 250.00